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Yesterday, my agendus went kaput.All ther data were gone.I have to re-install it back.Only then I can sysnc with my copy inside my computer. The I got problem to send sms via funsms due to connectivity. I had to go to the vendor who sold me T630. Mr Teoh helped to connect back.

However, my emails a/c are still not working:-( For emails(streamyx/mac), I have to use my Fatboy.

What a BIG relief!!!

T630-The Blackboy

For the last one year, I suffered the diffuclties of not being able to use funsms and versamail because my Nokia 6600 did not have the 'driver' to enable to connect via BT to my T3. enough is enough....

Yesterday, I bought T630 for Rm 1000 and I hope to be able to use it as I intended to. My 'fatboy' is going to my first son,Amir.

Treo 650

After reading the review of Treo 650 and watching the video of a middle age man using a Treo,I am sold! It is a matter of time before I could lay my hands on it.Some of us are even willing to drive to Singapore just to get Treo's earlier.

Half Gig SD card

A few days ago I bought a new SD card for my T3. Previosly it cost almost Rm 500; and now it cost me RM 290!

After my morning walk with my fellow gang,I installed a backup program.

My experience told me that I must have backup of my program and data.


Only a handful managed to turn up for our meeting. This month coincides with many wedding events and school holidays.Even the attendance at my surau is reduced quite substancially...

Despite not as many as I expected,we always enjoyed each other 's company.Most of us are seasoned palm users,so we talked more about using palm pda for music and photos. One of us seems to carry enough photo equipments that even reall paparazzi will be shocked. He is armed to the teeth...

As for me , I am more interested to show my mobile speakers for my iPod.

Btw, my thanks to those who helped to reformat my SD card.

CD's Collections

Over the years, my CD's collection is around 50.Not much in numbers because I am not a music lover.Most of them are collectiong dust all over the places and some may got lost.

My interest in music improved lately due to my interest in listening to Al-Qur'an via my iPod.The whole Qur'an occupied about 0.5GB and I have got 35 more GB to spare for my my pictures,audio books,voice memos and music.

Now, I am in the process of tranfering all from the songs from my CD's to my iPod.Imangine I will have a few hundreds songs in my pocket and I am at liberty to listen to anyone of them whenever and wherever I am.

And that is really cool!

Altec Lansing Speakers

To-day, I closed one eye and shut the other to buy the above for RM 699.I have been for the right moment to buy if there is any discount. When I went to get one at Macasia, it runs out of stock.

To-day, I went to Low Yatt and got me a pair of the above.

13MB Left

Soon, I am running out of memory in my TT3:-(
How I wish to have 1Gig RAM like Nazley!

9.5MB in my SD 128MB card and 2.5MB from my RAM.

How to I transfer 500MB audio

How do we transfer the whole Qur'an from my iPod to my friend's iPod?

Both of us went to a wifi location.Then, I connect my iPod to my iBook and my friend's pc copied the file.My iPod acted as a harddisk drive. The , he had to convert the file to audio file. I hope it works.

iPod in Newsweek

iPod is now getting more lime-light. Newsweek 2nd August,2004. Here is the link.

iPod in Newsweek

A few days ago, certain US Departments considered iPod as something suspicous. It looks preetty harmless to me as a music player, but the 20 to 40 GBytes of memory is something that can be misused?

Now, I am learning to to store audio books into my iPod.By then, I will be reading by listening:-)

For mac users,at last!

I am happy to discover that palmOne has now got a site for macusers like me to connect to our palm pda's. Before, it was a struggle all the way.

Here is the link:

New PalmOne Treo

To-day I saw a new Treo 600.It is an improved version of the palm Treo 600 that was sold for almost 3k a few months ago.Now, it is RM 2599.

My Tungsten T3 is doing fine.So no hurry to upgrade.
I have managed to pair my iPod with my car stereo at 107.10 station. Now, I can play songs and Qur'an in my car from my iPod.One thing is missing-where am I going to put my iPod?

Last night I saw advertisement about iPod and BMW. Great stuff but I can't afford.

BTM -19/06/2004

About ten of us attended the gathering.The meeting lasted to almost 7pm!

As usual, we talk,we beam and we help one another.

I also took opportunity to tell others on using ToDo list to allocate time for ibadah and family matters. Then I invited everyone to introduce themselves and also to share what they had learned about using palm pdas as well share their problems.

I hope everyone had great time and benefits from collaborative efforts.


I think this new device will get more music lovers to use apple products. Personally, I use both mac and pc platforms, but lately due to my new interests in digital photos and music, I am beginning to love my iBook more than my pc.

Here is the link :
Now, I have a friend MHI who just bought iPod.He is usinf pc iTunes and I am using my mac iTunes. Now, we can share information and knowledge in using our iPods.

Going around and around

To-day I went to Nokia authorised agent looking for software patches for my Nokia 6600.Alas,they don't have any.Now, I am at lost on how to use my hp as a modem to retrieve my emails.

May be I could get an expert from Nokia at Maxis,Bangsar(Azrul/Jamil) to set my Nokia 6600 with my palm pda Tungsten T3.

Nokia 6600

To-day, I can get my Nokia 6600 to sync with my iBook-using iCal for calendar and @ddress book for contacts.Thanks to those guys at Macasia,GE Mall.
Tomorrow, I need to meet Mr Leong at d'Challenger to install some patches for my T3 palm so that I can use Nokia 6600 as a modem to use my sms and email from my palm pda.

Reinstall palm desktop

To-day, I successfully uninstall and reinstall my palm desktop softwares.All data files are intact,however my versamail went kaput.Now, I cannot use it anymore.Every time I click it ,it gives error message and I have to do soft reset:-(

Can someone tell me how do I get back my versamail?Is it a part of bundled softwares or I have to buy it?

Troubled mobile gadgets

Now, it is my T3 's turn to get into trouble.I t just hang and I have to do hard reset.After doing hard reset, I try copy back my data from my sd card. Half way through, an error message appeared and I just can't get back my old data:-((

I stilll remember my old palm 111C.At that time, I have very few applications,and it works fine for years.But my T3 is only 6 months old, but it gets me into difficulties many,many times.Is this due to too many apps like sms/email???

To rub salts to injured wounds, my T610 followed suit-it just hang! It took about half and hour to recover before I can use the phones.My patience runs very low....

To console my 'hati sakit or sakit hati", I traded in my T610 and bought a new Nokia 6600 for RM 1690.So far so good...and I love the interface.
The iPod is very sensitive. I have to switch off and lock it if I am not using it-otherwise it will switch on by itself.

Thanks guys at Macasia,GE Mall.

My Psion

It has been collecting dusts for a few months.There was no power at all including the spare battery also was drained.While having breakfast with MHI,he showed me his working psion.That reminded me to do something with my RM 1000 Psion Netbook.

Last week, I decided to reactivate my psion but to my despair I can't even find the power cable to recharge it:-(

To-day,I promised to get the cable chrger from Nazley, but while on the route to repair my wife's 17 years old watch, I took a detour to Sitashop and got myself the power cable and the reserve battery for RM 55.

To-night,I am waiting a detailed "to do list " from MHI to set my wireless network on.

Power shock!

Day before yesterday, my T3 refused to get re-charged .I also noticed no pwer light while my portable cable charger being connected to a power source.I as very worried, but later on discover that my cable charger is faulty.One thing I noticed that we must be very careful with the two pins at the bootom of our T3.


Now, I have a few selected surahs in audio files-too much to put the whole Quran.However, I have full text Quran from

At the same time,I also have a program called scriptures where I can have four versions of English translations.

So far,I have more programs that I ever need in my palm T3.
The Qur'an inside my ipod is actually recited by al-Ghamidi and not al-sudais. This morning I went looking for CD by Sudais at Tabung Haji complex but I could not found any.

By the Grace of Allah,my friend who just came back to-day from Haj told me that he bought a complete CD by al-sudais for me.God works in mysterious way.My request was fulfilled :-)
Alhamdulilah, now I got the whole Qur'an in my iPod! Thanks to my son Maher for preparing the playlist and installing them .

Jazakallahu Khairan Maher.

If you are ipod user and you need the whole Qur'an in mp3 format,please contact me:
Thanks MHI for giving me the Qur'an mp3.InsyaAllah, I will get to listen soon.

This morning,as I did my brisk walking at KLCC garden,I saw a young man about half my age overtook me.He held an iPod in his left hand.I tried to overtake him but he walked faster than me...

Next week, there may be more joggers walking their iPods at KLCC.
This afternoon I got sms from SMS regarding Qur'an recitation by al-Sudais. It cost him RM25.MHI promised to give me a copy but to-night my son Maher discovered that he got a CD which contains all surahs given to me by Dr J.

Hopefully, I will enjoy listening to Qur'an using my Pod-Pourri soon.
Last night I charged my ipod by connecting to my IMac. This morning,nothing happened! To my surprise, my iMac went into sleep mode-therefore no charging took place.

Then, I connect directly to a power source and it charged to the full.

A lesson learned.
At about 4pm to-day,I got my iPod at last. Actually, I booked a 20G version about two weeks ago, but the shop ran out of stock! Yesterday, the GM of Macasia at GE Mall managed to convince me to buy a 40G instead of a 20G.On the way home, I managed to use iTrip without a hassle. That is what I like about Apple product.I don't need to read any manual to use it;-)

You can see my photo at my main blog:
This morning I woke up to check my pc what more I can learn from information at iPod and iTunes. To learn, I need my iPod with me and just reading the info on the computer screen is not enough.I asked my son what time will the shop open to-day? I only can get my iPod by about 12 noon or after lunch because macasia opens at about 11:30am on Sunday.

How I wish I have it by this morning so that I can use it while I am walking/jogging at KLCC garden;-)
To-day, I went to Macasia and ordered a 40G iPod with a few accessories. That cost me RM 2500.

What I am going to use it for:

1. To store the whole Qur'an

2. To tape talks and lectures

3. To keep pictures

4. To archive and back up my writings

5. To use it with iTrip in my car

6. And of course to keep my music.

Dictionary ToGo

Yesterday, I downloaded and installed the software.It is still on trial period for 40 searches.If I don't receive negative comments, I will buy this software.It is quite a big file-some 6MB!

Lunch at Rain Nudle

To-day, I took Ibnu Ariff( firdaus) the youngest member of my palmx member. He is still waiting for his SPM result.also present is my friend Khairil -he is a pocket pc user .Sorry Nazley, I could not make it for your lunch.

Another hard reset

I really hate hard reset but when my palm just "hanged",what else I could do. Afew days ago, updating my files in document ToGO stalled my hotsync.And it caused my system to hang.Now, I know the problem-just removed the files in the desktop program,everything came back to normal.