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Showing posts from February 13, 2005

Happy Giler:-))

I got my Treo650 on Wedneday 16.02.05. So, I explored on my own by taking photos and using sms and email. Photos were great! Then I got help from friends to set up my email for my mac/streamyx/gmail but not Jaring.Jaring was excluded because it has too many spams.

Last night, I got Nazley helps to uninstall my palm desktop software and set up a new one from Treo.When I wanted to BT "contact", my Treo crashed and we were helpless for a few minutes because none knows how to do a hard set(soft reset didnot work). We tried to call Dr Jamal and SMS but there were mostly sleeping(no answers). Somehow, Nazley managed to guess a way on howto and he manage to get back my Treo to normal.We did not lose any date because we had sync earlier.

Happy Giler!!!

New smart phone-Treo650

I ordered my Treo 650 on 6/2/05 and received it 10 days later on the 16th Feb.,2005.It is better late than never.Btw, I have not seen any shop yet in KL selling it.May be I am the few from Malaysian who can't wait and bought through alternative route;-)

T hope this is a new beginning for another great romance between a machine an d a man.