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Showing posts from March 6, 2005

Treo Update #3

I promised myself to update every week of what I did and felt about my new Treo650 for the next one or two months.

So far, I still think that it is the best ever palmOS pda plus smart phone that I ever have since I got entangled with palm111 in 1998.What additional softwares that I have added?

Here is the list:
2.Snapper mail.
6.Palm Quran

Now ,that leave me with another 8.3MB RAM left.

More communicator than a PDA?

Now my Treo pda is more like my personal communicator than a pda when I was then using T3.I would say it is a smart phone with pda built-in.I think it is quite good in both functions as compared other smart phone from SE.

However,when it comes to mp3,I still prefer my iPod.