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Showing posts from May 11, 2003
Just came from a wedding function. We had to wait for 30 minutes due to shortage of foods. In Malaysia, it is almost impossible to estimate how many people will come to your family wedding. My cousin invited one thousand ,but he anticipated two thousand people will come but the two thousand also come with additional kids.

The only way is to get extra foods on stand by with with the cooks .

This is the most difficult part in scope management if we treat wedding as a project;-0
A contractor friend told me about his business philosophy-sub all work to ensure you lock in your profit. When I asked why he did not do thw weork himself and make extra profit, he told me his people will cheat him and he has lost money.

In Malaysia,many main contractors are just project managers.
To-day I install additional RAM of 512MB to my iBook . Now, I notice a marked difference in speed of downloading especially from the Internet.
After I re-install my web clipping softwares, I discovered that my plog still does not work. When I want to reinstall plog, it is not reachable via Internet:-((

I am saved by the 'email' I received via my Palm T|W when I received an email from my client to have a meeting to-day at 4pm. If I were to check my email at home to-night,then I sure will miss the meeting to-day.

Now, the cost of my new "toy" is paid in full;-))

{this is my own way to justify my expensive hobby}
To-day,I received an email from a friend who attended a course my partners have conducted for the past 8days. He valued it 10 times than what is being paid! That makes another day for me:-))

It reconfirmed my aspiration to be a teacher. But I must be warned:

My palm T|W is very good in getting emails and sms! But when it rings, then I must be looking for head-phones;-) That is the only snags so far. But I cannot use avanto with my iBook and have problems with praymind.

As far as phone is concerned, I prefer my simple Nokia 3310 for its pure simplicity!