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Showing posts from August 5, 2001
A few days ago, I was telling my technical savvy friends about my intention to use project central for my project management software.They told me that project central have some hiccups and recommended me to use quickplace from Lotus Notes. May be I got to try both softwares before I decide to use any of them??

Any comments?
To-day I met two young men who are interested to know more about project management. I believe there are a lot more of young people involved in project management and have little knowledge of the body of knowledge of PM and PM methodologies. However, not many of their bosses realised the importance of training these highly qualified technical personnels in PM. Many projects failed not because of the lack of technical knowledge but more on the lack of PM knowledge ,skills and experience. To my surprise, many govt. department and private corporations have very little budget on training despite having billions of project to implement:-(