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Showing posts from November 25, 2001
A few days ago, I started trying an intranet from and set up a trial version(for 30 days) for my bridge project.It contains features like discussion,annoucements,email,document etc. One thing I like it acts like a virtual project office and I can sync with my palm111c.For ten users,I will have to pay about RM 200 a month.
This morning, three palmxers met at KLCC garden to check on Lata Citra. Those who came were Hasni,Adib, Nazley and Tim. We visited the site and agree to have our annual BTM there on 30 Dec., 2001 from 8am to 10 am.

Just got voicemail msg from Kasman. He is in Keramat area.I need to pick up my new dockers smart pants from him. Thanks Kasman.
Install funsms from Nazley yesterday. Try to get some info on buka puasa but my thinkDB is an old version. Need to upgrade it. I think 'thinkDB' is quite a powerful programmable dbase program. I must learn how to use it from Nazley and also read the book.