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I have a great time with fellow palmxers at Starbuck ,KL sentral to-day. My mathlib is still giving problem. and I still can't get my palm to sync with my entourage:-((
Yesterday, I passed through a road in Pahang. I was shocked to see the level of PM by the contractors in doing million ringgit projects.

Looking back to the number of projects given out by the government, Malaysian contractors who keep on getting jobs should have improved by now. Now I believed what my guru said that no matter how much works they do , they will never learn and will keep making mistakes all the time.


I am glad to record that I can send email from my palm even though I was in Bentong ,Pahang to-day.What comes to my mind is how am I going to use IT in project management??
Below is a short note Palm T|W( not a review):

I bought my palm T|W on 13/4/03 after waiting for months for Palm/Sony
to come out with "my perfect specs " for my pda.That was the day my
patience ran out:-) My perfect specs never turn up so I have to be
contented with at least 80% meeting the "my" requirements.

Before this purchase,I used Handera. And before that,I was very
satisfied with my Palm111c. It is coloured,has infra-red to
communicate with my siemens hp and a good pda for my needs. This
experience leads me to demand at least what I used to get if not better.

I would say I use my palm in equal proportion as pim(organiser) and a
communication tool( may be 50% each). Therefore, I need something that
has strong features in these two areas.Below I list the reasons of my

What made me buy Tungsten T|W:

1. Palm OS-it is better tham windoz
2. Colour-good my aging eye-sights(Handera has good functions but sadly
not coloured and giving problems)
My email reply:

That is a nice email to receive when someone offer his help because he benefitted from our efforts. This ,to me ,demonstrated WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.
If we do good things to others,they will come back ;sometimes in manifolds and in unexpected way;-)

Abedib,who inspires others.

From: Dr Azmi Mohd Tamil
Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 18:32:25 +0800
Subject: Re: contribution

Mu kena jawab yg ni.


Albert Koo® wrote:
Hi, I have written earlier and thought I addressed this one to you guys. I must admit that you have done a wonderful job. Reading materials from setting up GPRS to WIFi and changing of guards from the older PDA to the latest in Sony. Well, must admit that without you guys I wouldn't have had my palm to use. Been using one since 2000 (Palm Vx) and have been grateful to it. Been following you guys since the inception. Been very quiet and have not had the time to contribute effectively until now…