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Showing posts from January 16, 2011

Notebook+smart phone

Around mid Oct,2010 I bought a Nokia N8 and on 11/1/2011 I bought a new pc notebook[Dell Latitide] to replace my 5-year old Fujitsu.Now,I am getting both of them to work together as tools to make my personal and business life simpler and more interesting.

Over the last few years of using various types of electronic gadgets,I have made many mistakes and had cost me time and money.So I told myself to keep everything in orderly manner and putting extra efforts to keep my notebook secured and structured.I am also taking the same approach when using my smart phone.

Only one thing bothers me when I could not sync my calendars/task with overcome this handicap,I use Microsoft Outlook.

Safe and sound..

My Nokia N8 is back in my hands.It is working as if it is brand new.Anyway,I only bought it about 3 months ago.With new OS loaded,I have better features than before.

In fact,for my normal needs,Nokia E72 is more than good enough for me.I don't need my smart phone to work like a notebook for me.IMHO,pc notebook is my preferred workhorse, and my smart phone is my communicator on the go.