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Top devices

iPad or Galaxy Note?, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. what is your favourite gadget for this year 2011?

Bag for my bike

Bag for my bike, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

Moleskine for 2012

Moleskine for 2012, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

View from Pavilion..

View from Pavilion.., a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

Brompton 28072011 -Cool engineering!


IMG-20111202-00213, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. I shall wait until sales time at 50% discount..

20111201-My white Brompton

20111201-Adib and his bicycle, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

View from MEX of Kuala Lumpur cityscape..

View from MEX of Kuala Lumpur cityscape.., a photo by Adibi on Flickr. Now,I learnt one BIG lesson-lighting is VERY important in photography.An ordinary photo taken using a camera phone can capture beautiful landscape when it is showered with light..

20111127-RF booster?

20111127-RF booster?, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

20111125-Flooded track at Padang Melintang

ARE-20111120-Class on antenna

ARE-20111120-Class on antenna, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. Learning about antennas...Now I know why we need long antenna and located at high places..

My next handy;-)

I plan to sit for the Amateur Radio Exam on 15th Dec,2011.If I pass,I look forward to have this mobile radio where I can communicate with my friends and join MARES.InsyaAllah,I hope to get my callsign as 9M2ABN.With this radio,I can also tune in to overseas radio stations.

IMG-20111119-DIY radio

IMG-20111119-DIY radio, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

Walkie Talkie for my cycling

Old radios

Old radios, a photo by Frants on Flickr. How I wish I own just one of them...

Brain twister for me;-)

Brain twister for me;-), a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

Night shot:Masjid Sultan Mizan

Masjid Sultan Mizan, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

silicon cover for my BBB

silicon cover for my BBB, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

20111017-My bike under my desk

20111017-My bike under my desk, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. This demonstrated great technology in folding a bicycle.

IMG-20111016-Suria KLCC

IMG-20111016-Suria KLCC , a photo by Adibi on Flickr. Testing my BBB9900 mobile camera to snap my favourite spot at KLCC.My previous shot was with Treo 680.

My Nokia E71,moleskine notebook

My Nokia E71,moleskine notebook, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. This was almost 30 months ago...Now I am using BBB.

Putrajaya-20111009-Masjid Putra

Putrajaya-20111009-Masjid Putra, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. Best shot by my new BBB9900 so far..

3 polygons,one dahon,one strida,one rocky and one brompton

59th birthday ride -New toy

59th birthday ride-At toilet stop.

59th birthday ride-At toilet stop., a photo by Adibi on Flickr. New toy...

2-way radio com for my cycling

BBB Updated

Today is the 13th I am using my BBB.So far,I am very happy except I found out that the usage of map/navigation apps are not that friendly compared to my old Nokia N8.However on the email/sms and social networking are great-easier and faster compared to my old N8.

Last night Ramse helped to set up my Uber Social for my twit application.Now,I have 14 BBM contacts and joined to groups-Brompton(PUR) and Gerek(PER);both are cycling groups.
Below is another capture of my favourite things of the 90's..

17092011-Our bikes parking lot

17092011-Our bikes parking lot, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

Light and shadow:

PMR15092011 012, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. Testing my Lumix LX5 for morning photography..I think my DSLR Canon 400D can do better job.

BBB:BBM and Whatsapp

Lately,I communicate more with my friends who are connected to me via BBM and Whatsapp.Now,I can send as many messages as I want because I have BBM that cost RM10 a month and my unlimited data package with DiGi at RM68/month.

As a practioner of project management disipline,the top of my agenda is communication.BBB is one gadget that can facilitate communication not only for business but for family and friends to stay in touch.One wise word from the first CEO of Mimos that was still rings in my ear: If you are not connected,you don't exist!

Let us stay connected and maintain our silaturrahim-all the time.

First photo upload from BBB9900

I don't expect much from built in camera in my new Blackberry 9900.The locals call it Bold4.I am still learning the lingo of BB World..For better photos,I use Lumix LX5 which I do carry with me most of the time.

This is my 7th day as BB owner and this morning I snapped this photo on the right when I stopped over for solat subuh at a mosque inside Uniten campus located between Bangi and Putrajaya.

Later in the late afternoon,my friend and me paid a visit to s Nokia telephone shop at Alamanda to see any new models from Nokia.When I asked the salesperson what model of Nokia he is using,he showed me his Blackberry Curve!Quickly I took out my own BBB9900 and he showed me a few tricks.To add more salts to the injuries,the salesman told me he loves selling android mobile phones!

DKN under the bridge..

DKN under the bridge.., a photo by Adibi on Flickr. Taken during our Putrajaya morning walk..

Older Mobile phones and notebooks

Mobile phones and notebooks, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

My New Blackberry Bold 9900

Day 2 of BBB:Last night I slept at 1am learning from my nephews Nelson Rizal/Ramsey on how to use this new smart phone.I noticed it is smarter than Nokia N8 on some features.

Change 2 BBB

Today is the first day of my mobile lifestyle changed from Nokia to Blackberry.It is almost ten months ago since I changed from Nokia E71 to Nokia N8.Looking back on the reasons why I bought N8,it has many apps that I love to have and it's really good camera compared to other mobile cameras.

Lately,when I fell in love with Lumix LX5 compact camera and bought one,I don't feel the need for a good camera on my phone.The one that broke the camel back was whenmy call gets cut off due to my ear touching the touch screen and at times Nokia N8 does HANG on me!Most of the time ,it is okay and can be tolerated.A few days ago,I asked my friends for their opinions and most prefer me to change to iPhone4 or wait for  iPhone5.

Last weekend,I met my nephew who happened to be The President of Blackberry Users Group,Malaysia and he showed me his brand new Blackberry Bold 9900.I tried and I like it for its many useful  phone functions and social media apps.

What made me chose BBB compared to iP…

Dusk at Kuala Perlis..

Dusk at Kuala Perlis.., a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

Work package

A financial calculator and a diary...

August 19th World Photography Day

August 19th World Photography Day, a photo by RaĂșlM. on Flickr. Now I can safely saiy that photography is my hobby because I have a DSLR and A compact LUMIX LX5 and camera phone from Nokia N8 and I take photos daily..

See through Fatboy

See through Fatboy, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. I love this baby;-)

White Brompton

White Brompton, a photo by bluejeans25 on Flickr. Mine is on the way by ship to Malaysia..

My latest gadget since 19th July,2011

I love this black beauty!!!

Ramadhan Reflections-By Firdaus