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New PalmOne Treo

To-day I saw a new Treo 600.It is an improved version of the palm Treo 600 that was sold for almost 3k a few months ago.Now, it is RM 2599.

My Tungsten T3 is doing fine.So no hurry to upgrade.


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After trying Nazley's wireless keyboard, I decided to have one for myself. To-day,I went to MyGadget and got one for RM 200.

So far, it works fine and I love it.

To solve the problem on using in landscape mode,Vincent told me to set my T3 to left-handed at the preference section. There is no need to use control -delete.

Once, I resolve my problems to send email from my pda, I will try write my blog The Reader( and post it direct to my blog at