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Showing posts from April 13, 2003
I got tough time to install my avantgo on my mac:-(

Avantgo is not compatible with my ibook using Mac OSX:-(((
Now, Nazley and me are at SFC-tinkering with my new Tunbgsten W since 9pm. Now,the time is almost 11:30pm...time togo home.
From: "M Hasni"
Date: Sat Apr 12, 2003 8:14:22 PM Asia/Singapore
To: "Mohd Adib Noh"
Subject: Re: New colour palm;-)


I believe the TT is better than TW. Comparing TW with a Treo 270, the
Handspring got my recommendation due to the fact that the TW phone need a
headset to use but Treo comes as a normal phone.

TW does not have BT built in but you can always add on. But what is the use
since you have phone built into your PDA.

Graffiti is also not there for the TW. You have to use the thumb board. Yes
you may use Graffiti Anywhere but the same thing goes to TT. You don't have
to open the slider all the time since you can write on the screen as well.

Colour screen is a must nowadays and the TW screen is far better than the
Treo. OS is also upgradeable but not Treo.

That's the major thing that I see on TT, TW and Treo.

Just my Two cents.