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Showing posts from March 2, 2003
To-day , while I met Shamshul and Khairil Faizi at GJ, I test my netbook for Wi-fi. It did not work,may be due to weak signal.
Now, I am at GJ, KLCC-having BTM with my palmx friends(Hamid/Hasni/Nazley/Dr Azmi/Asri).
After I saw Psion Netbook, I bought one with wi-fi and CF 128MB.
During my Hajj, I observed a lot of failures in which THTS had failed to apply PM in managing the Hajj program this year. Managing 50,000 pilgrims is a BIG Project and I have concluded that THTs needed a lot of help to improve their aservices.

When I was on my Hajj pilgrimage I did not use my palm except on a few occasions. My daily 'job' is quite routine and I wrote my daily journal on hard copy;-)

When I came back my Handera failed me again. I said to myself "Enough is Enough!!"

At least I now got a really good excuse to buy a new palm. Palm T -W appeals to me but I just want to wait for new Clie coming in April,2003.