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Firmware upgrade from 1.06 to 1.20

I am not confident of doing myself, so I seeked the help a friendly shopkeeper who sells iPod,mac and pda's...He is quite confident of himself and so am I.

Time taken is about 45 minutes and it worked fine except I lost my calendar/datebook data.Before I went to see the friendly shopkeer,I called Bubba,one of the palm pda's sifus in my palmx community and he advised me to keep two copies of my data-0ne in the computer and the other in the SD card of my Treo650. And this I did and I am glad that I followed his advice.

After installing the 1.20 version, my friendly shopkeeper synced with my iBook.I just watched because he is very experience in this type of work.After my Treo650 was synced, he got a shock because calendar and contact data in my Treo! Then I realised but it was too late...Previously, my sync default was my Treo 650 will override my iBook.

I kept cool but a tinker of regret of making the decision to upgrade my phone firmware. But honestly,it was nothing wrong with t…

2 Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine Notebooks
Originally uploaded by Mohd Adib Noh. Currently,I am using the squared noteboo with Apple logo on it.Mainly,it is to record all my business meetings/discussions/transactions etc.In the next few days,I will be using the ruled notebook for my personal thoughts,feelings and musings...

Halwa +tea+ moleskine

Halwa +tea+ moleskine
Originally uploaded by Mohd Adib Noh. If you fancy Iranian tea plus some sweet pasteries,please drop by at Al-Marjan cafe,KLCC.I really enjoy Ahmed tea with peduna leaves:-)

My Readings for March,2006

My Readings for March,2006
Originally uploaded by Mohd Adib Noh. This photo was snapped by my Treo 650.


Originally uploaded by Mohd Adib Noh. Thank you Tim for taking time to buy this notebook for me when he was in The States.I saved Rm 10.

This is my first.