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Showing posts from November 6, 2005

Raya photos slide shows

This afternoon,I have great time showing my recent Hari Raya Puasa photos to my family members in KL.The photos are loaded into my new iBook iPhotos.From there,I added P. Ramlee song as background.

New iBook G4

Alhamdulilah,yesterday I bought a new iBook G4 to replace my four years old iBook G3.The latter's logic board has failed to work and new one with will make me poorer by RM2200.That was the reason for the decision to get a new one-not to mention that it has better hardwares and latest OS.

Last night, I have spend hours to set up my favourites and personal settings.I hope and pray this new toy of mine will last at least another four years as the old one.

The addiotional softwares added are:-

5.Palm desktop

I tried to install YM but the file got corruptrd with excel.

Anything else I should have added?