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Tiffany engrossed with iBook

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Originally uploaded by Mohd Adib Noh. Showing my friends of the latest photos I have taken on my recent travel.

Two Apples-one for iPod and one for Tiger

2005 is The Year for Apple!

My congratulations to Apple for being the most innovative for the Year 2005!!!

The iPod,the iTunes and The Tiger.I am happy to be a macuser-}}

My next purchase is the latest iPod 30G.

Now, I enjoy my music and photos.

Latest additions to my apps-iWork and Microsoft Office for mac.

Last BTM of 2005

We had our last gathering of BTM on 25th Dec.,2005.I didnot count but at least 20 persons attended-all palmx moderators,their wives and kids and including a grandmother and a grandfather.That was a great family event where all of us brought some foods to share with our friends.

Here is the link to the photo that tells a story about the event.Special thanks to Euphoria-the lady with the golden hands whenit comes to camera.

Palamx community is not limited to interests in palmOS pda's but now it goes on anything that members can 'play and hold" with their palms like camera,GPS,MacGyver knives etc.

I bought my Treo early this year and so far,despite some of the handicaps and randon irritating soft resets,I still prefer my Treo 650 to other pda,especially windoz based.