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Showing posts from February 8, 2004
This afternoon I got sms from SMS regarding Qur'an recitation by al-Sudais. It cost him RM25.MHI promised to give me a copy but to-night my son Maher discovered that he got a CD which contains all surahs given to me by Dr J.

Hopefully, I will enjoy listening to Qur'an using my Pod-Pourri soon.
Last night I charged my ipod by connecting to my IMac. This morning,nothing happened! To my surprise, my iMac went into sleep mode-therefore no charging took place.

Then, I connect directly to a power source and it charged to the full.

A lesson learned.
At about 4pm to-day,I got my iPod at last. Actually, I booked a 20G version about two weeks ago, but the shop ran out of stock! Yesterday, the GM of Macasia at GE Mall managed to convince me to buy a 40G instead of a 20G.On the way home, I managed to use iTrip without a hassle. That is what I like about Apple product.I don't need to read any manual to use it;-)

You can see my photo at my main blog:
This morning I woke up to check my pc what more I can learn from information at iPod and iTunes. To learn, I need my iPod with me and just reading the info on the computer screen is not enough.I asked my son what time will the shop open to-day? I only can get my iPod by about 12 noon or after lunch because macasia opens at about 11:30am on Sunday.

How I wish I have it by this morning so that I can use it while I am walking/jogging at KLCC garden;-)