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Showing posts from April 4, 2004

My Psion

It has been collecting dusts for a few months.There was no power at all including the spare battery also was drained.While having breakfast with MHI,he showed me his working psion.That reminded me to do something with my RM 1000 Psion Netbook.

Last week, I decided to reactivate my psion but to my despair I can't even find the power cable to recharge it:-(

To-day,I promised to get the cable chrger from Nazley, but while on the route to repair my wife's 17 years old watch, I took a detour to Sitashop and got myself the power cable and the reserve battery for RM 55.

To-night,I am waiting a detailed "to do list " from MHI to set my wireless network on.