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Learning how to sketch..

Sketsa Hiasan Meja

Made with Paper Sent from my iPad

Playing around with photos

Made using PhotoFunia Sent from my iPad

Bike sketch Using Paper53

Birthday sketch..

Dedicated to my wife on her 54th birthday.. A few days ago I  clocked 60 years.We hope and pray to Allah Almighty God that we could grow old together gracefully..

At Bostan England

Sent from my iPad

Books on photography

Books on photography, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. My second book after 25 years of neglect on learning photography..


Exploring iPad photography.. Sent from my iPad


Sent from my iPad

Large bodies of water keep Putrajaya cooler..

This is one of the reasons why do many people wants Putrajaya;-) Sent from my iPad

High quality grocery

(see full image) Sent from my iPad

Tulips from Leiden,Holland

Sent from my iPad

Bad jam!

Sent from my iPad

Sketch by Nazley

A few days ago I asked my friend Nazley to use Paper53 apps in my iPad to sketch something ,Here is what he did after looking at a 100 Plus drink on the table.Onething I learnt from him is that the sketch does need to look like the real one.Thanks Nazley. Sent from my iPad

Disuatu pagi..

Disuatu pagi,di bulan September... Karya:Berisman Sent from my iPad

Photowalk Meeting@Umai Cafe

Sent from my iPad

High tea with Woh Ulu

Sent from my iPad

Photowalk Reminder

Sent from my iPad

Paper bag design

Sent from my iPad

Perarakan Merdeka ke 55

(see full image) Sent from my iPad

Selamat Merdeka!!!

Sent from my iPad

Buku2 Agama

Sama2lah kita sentiasa berdamping dengan buku2 agama..[IMAGE 1] Sent from my iPad

Double Hayaki in Kota Bharu

I was here yesterday and saw double Hayaki-one is the replica of each other across the road.Kopitiams are mushrooming every where,one group has even got listed at KLSE.Which one is your favorite and why? Sent from my iPad

Angry birds

Sent from my iPad

Water Colours from Paris Breakfast blog

Let me share the views from Tuscany...How I wish I can draw like this... Sent from my iPad

Exploring notemaster+photo

Sent from my iPad

What is the difference between draw & sketch?

Sent from my iPad

Teratai indah

Salah Satu lokasi Putrajaya Photowalk pada 9/9/2012 Sent from my iPad

I am on The Left Brain pretending to be on The Right

Sent from my iPad

Romancing M3L

Sent from my iPad

Basikal Untuk ke Pasar etc

Sent from my iPad


Sent from my iPad

Eidolon Fitri

Sent from my iPad

Masjid Sultan Mizan

Sent from my iPad

Tonight iftar-dates flavoured bread..

(see full image) Sent from my iPad

PUR taking a rest ..

Dear PURs,Cuba teka siapa yang cekak pinggang berhelmet kuning? Sent from my iPad

Lovely Ramadhan gifts

Sent from my iPad

Ramadhan sketch #3

Sent from my iPad

Hot and wet Ramadhan

Sent from my iPad

Water lilies

Sent from my iPad

[palmx] Happy "Besday" to PalmX, 7/24/2012, 12:00 am

Sent from my iPad
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Latest News From Brompton Bicycle

Sent from my iPad
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Date: July 21, 2012 7:35:36 PM GMT+08:00
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Subject:Latest News From Brompton Bicycle
Reply-To: BromptonBicycle <> July Newsletter From Brompton Bicycle Is this email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser. Brompton Marathon Places LeftRegistration for the World Championship and Brompton Sprint sold out incredibly quickly; if you are keen to get involved in the Brompton weekend but haven't signed up yet, places for the Brompton Marathon are still available. The Marathon promises to be an enjoyable 26 mile spin through the Cotswold countryside, giving you enough time to make it back in time to see the BWC and enjoy some well earned afternoon tea with the rest of the team. Take a look at the video of the course to get you going and register now!
If you aren't interested in participating, there is still plenty to get inv…