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Nokia N8 firmware Update?

Just read the news-it is coming..It is on the way,but when?Anyway,I am just an ordinary user,the little differences if any,I won't see them anyway...
What are more important to ordinary folks like me are the following:
1.The basic phone features/functions work all the time and donot crash(sometimes they do) 2.One of the biggest reason why I chose N8 is the camera.Make sure it works all the time and easy to use especially to upload to my Flikr or Twitter etc. 3.Endure always good apps installed so that my phone can sync easily with my suite.
Note on photo: Snapped by using Nokia N8

Nokia N8-First quarter review.

I bought this new mobile phone Nokia N8 on 19th Oct.,2010.It was just like hot goreng pisang then when the stock is limited and I have to buy a chrome instead of my favourite black.Remember BTM?B stands and stood for black.Black somehow has become my cool colour{Is a black a colour?}.My Trek bike is black and my notebook moleskine is black.
Last month I have problems with the photos apps but it was resolved when I went to Nokiacare.Today,I updated my software and I hope my N8 will sync far,I am been failing to do just that.It reminds me of the symplicity of using my Treo650.Honestly,I loved my PalmOS but it failed to keep me even though I was 'married' to palm for more than a decade.That is a very long and loyal when it comes to gadget and IT world.
When It comes to social media apps,I really like Nokia N8.However,when it comes to GPSr functionalities,I still prefer the good old Garmin which I used with my previous Nokia E71.In the mean time,I hope Nokia will …