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Showing posts from November 9, 2003

T3 Updated

It was a breathless exercise for me to update the system softwares for my T3.I am so scared that things can go wrong.The streamyx at my home was so slow to download the software.It took almost 45 minutes to download and I am afraid that streamyx may play havoc with corrupted softwares.And the same time, I am also scared that I may not followed the instruction properly. It took another 30 minutes to get synchronised and configured.

Thanks to Allah swt;everything went well...

Ramadhan BTM

Last night, my extreme palms gang had a Ramadhan BTM at SFC,Ampang Point.Thanks to Dr Azmi for getting my T3 to get connected to my emails a/c and to Nazley for showing me how to use my camera functions in my brand new T610. Mixing with this bunch of palm enthusiasts made me feel like a kid again exploring the potential of technology to the limits!

Present were: Dr Azmi, Hisham,Jiwa,Hasni,Nazley, Asri and me.

T160+T3 combined

First, my thanks to Nazley for taking time to assist me to set up the two devices to work together. Now, I can send and receive sms,dial a contact from my T3 and he also tried BT jacking!

My next lesson to learn on how to send text and picture via email.
At last, I have decided to change my aging and discoloured Tungsten T|W to Tungsten T3 and upgrade my hp from Nokia 3310 to Sony Ericsson T610 .All in all plus a pouch for my new hp, it cost me RM 2720 . For the record, all this money was spent at Low Yat complex on 11.11.2003.

I will blog more about these cool toys later...