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Here is Kan's reply to my enquiry on lady's handphone:

Dear Abedib, as a matter of fact....

The LT-2000 mobile phone:
May I introduce to you, the latest phone for ladies. Yeeees, that's right, a
phone specially for ladies. Featuring 900 hours talk-time for all your
gossipping need, 2 lipstick holders and a foundation-powder at the back, the
LT-2000 is our latest model targeted at ladies who want nothing less than a
full featured, fully integrated make-up kit with tri-band phone. Offering
convenience such as calculator for calculating salesa nd discounts
on-the-fly, a magic-mirror(tm) that makes even the ugliest fairer and of
course, who could forget the calorie watcher electronic table fo watch over
what you eat? All this for a limited time only, at RM1000. Call now and get
a free Rm20 rebate!


#-----Original Message-----
#From: Mohd Adib Noh []
#Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 2:52 PM
#Subject: RE: [palmx] Palm …
Yesterday, I met four friends from JKR at MS Project 2002 launch. Two of them are using pdas, all iPaq. I just wonder how many Malaysians are using PPC and how many are using palm?? Persoanlly, I have both Palm3c and iPaq 3850 but I still prefer palm as a pda.
Hi everyone!(Palmxers)

After a meeting to-night with a few members, I have decided to 
appoint the following members as the Annual dinner Organising 
Committee Members:(I asked for volunteers but no one come forward. 
So ,I have to use my autocracy method of decision making).

1. Nazley-Chairman/Treasurer
2. Fahroe-Com Member
3. Roslina -Com Member.

Btw, all the above have given me their consent.
The committee will make further announcements.

---adib,sendiri lantik jadi penaung;-)

I have yet to appoint the organising committee for our Annnual Dinner. Last Thursday Roslina and me visited Senja restaurant and Shroom restaurant at KLCC. Both are good. I have not my choice yet, but I will let the committee to decide. BTW, I am going to meet Nazley and Fahroe tonight at Bora-Bora restaurant ..