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Showing posts from September 1, 2002
Now, I am actively using my new Handera. So far so good.However, I miss the colour of my former palm111c. The good part of Handera is I don't have to charge it everyday.I hope the battery will last at least a month. But do not put on the cover and store it in the carrying case.The buttons will be pressed and out went all my data. It happened twice to me. Now, I am not using my plastic cover.

Lst night, we have a power black out in my area from 5 to 11 pm. I used my iPaq backlight to read my Handera;-)
My special BIG THANK to Nazley for two hours BTM .The Tok Bomoh 'jampi' my
palm3c and it started to wake up again.On top of that Nazley helped me to
begin my journey on Handera.Bukan nak kempen, it has great value for RM 599!

Terima kasih dari Abedib
Two days ago my pda went kaput. I tried to revive it yesterday but failed.
It is now in a coma at ICU,Taman Maluri,KL.May be it has reached its "design
life" for I have been using it since May 2000.Anyway, it had served me well
for the last 27 months.

Just now I called my Tok Bomoh Nazley. After due consultation and
deliberation, I have to abondon palm3c ( and let it rest in peace) and go
for Handera 330. Honestly,I prefer colour palm, but Clie is too good( I
don't want to pay for features that I don't use) and Palm m515 color is not
good enough as compared to my palm3c.I don't know when palm is coming out
with PalmOs 5.0 ,so in the mean time, I will go for HandEra ~ RM600.

Next week, I will be joining Nazley, Colin( who else?) as Handera users in
our palm group;-)