Saturday, May 03, 2003

Sam told me that he managed to conclude the objective of his IT project with a client. Thank God that he did it.Now, he can concentrate of WHAT the is going to do i.e scope planning!

I am glad to hear about it.
To-day is my first time doing a hard reset for my newly acquired palm T/W to removed irritating mathlib and McFile.It took Mr Leong,the store manager of D'Challenger almost 45minutes to take the softwares out and put my palm back to original set-up .
McFile and Mathlib are giving problems on Palm Tungsten W.I just want to get rid of them.Any body can help me out?

Friday, May 02, 2003

This week, my team went to Terengganu to give a talk on JKR new progress reports and its rational. About 100 persons attended the two days course-50% from JKR and the others from contractors and consultants. My observation indicated that only a few know PMBOK and also a few only who are really interested to learn. The majority is just being to learn to comply with JKR new requirement. It is their ignorance that failed to motivate them to learn to upgrade themselves to the next level of competence.

Now, Doc Azmi and Nazley are with me at SFC ,Ampang point. Doc Azmi helped me to get around to send email from my maxis gprs. Thanks to him.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

To-day , I discussed PM basic concept with two of my disciples. The rest are 'busy' some where.

next topic will be on planning.