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Showing posts from March 13, 2005

Thanks everyone!

If my arithmetic is still okay, the number of members attended the BTM is 21.The last two were Sam and Harry.It was an enjoyable time for me and I hope everyone feels the same or better.The meeting ended around 5.30pm.


so far 18 persons have arrived and Dr Azmi has to go home early.New arrivals are Sharifudin, mr lee, SM Sabre, MBA,Yusri.

Where are you Honeytar,Harry,???

After reading MBA comment on blogging software,I downloaded vagablog to test it.


Thirty days had gone by since I got my Treo650.By sheer coincidence, my mobile phone bill arrived with a tsunami shock wave.My normal bill for data usage is RM50 a month ,but last month usage was a whopping RM 365! At this rate , I am going broke in no time:-((

Either I don't use GPRS or I change telco.

Most likely, I will do the second one.

Note: Just download chattermail.