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Showing posts from May 4, 2003
Just came back from attending My Gadget Opening at Low Yatt Plaza. In my hurry due to traffic jam, I went into a shop next to it by the name of Digital Gadget and bought USB hotsync cable for RM 9.90( This thing normally cost a few times more). It was really a bargain in a different shop.
When I wanted to post my blog from my palm TW this morning, I could not do that because some web clippings are missing some where.
I am going to visit the new kid on the block- The Gadget at Low Yat Plaza to-day. The event is from 3pm to 6pm. See you guys there;-)
How do I go about translating ideas into reality? One management consultant who turned himself into a writer has this to say:

Concentrate on the process of becoming a writer. and less on dreaming to be a writer. Personally, I love to write;in fact I write everyday in my blogs and in my special interests mailinglist with the hope one day day I could work on a book( any genre) and become a writer.

I think project management methodology is quite applicable in turning myself into a management consultant and later to be a writer;-)

When we talk about ideas, we must be able to articulate and to validate before we create a project. My friend Peter is helping me on this aspect. Thanks Peter.
Now, I began to understand why teachers remain as teachers despite their low income and degrading respect by materialistic society. When we finished our second module to train JKR professionals , a few of them thanked us for opening their eyes to elevate them to the next level of knowledge,undertanding and competence in managing their projects. We even provoked them to re-examine their axioms, premises and assumptions to the brink of ridicules.

I feel grateful and proud( in all humility) to be part of a team that taught the elephants on how to dance. The earth is vibrating when the elephant starts to dance.The rest in ther 'animal' kingdom will follow soon.This is a joy that one gets for being a member of a team that makes a difference. Let's get M.A.D

Only crazy people creates the change. Normal people remains complacent in status quo forever.
Thanks to Mr Leong who installed back my webpro!
Now I am testing a project intranet. Yes I can access but the screen is too small for me use.
Now, another software Webpro is causing "fatal exception" error in my PTW:-(((
I like it as a browser....
Let me share with you what happened yesterday at the Project Management course for a govt. department.

One engineer confided in me that he now realised the importance of having the knowledge and tools to manage his projects.He was cynical all the way until yesterday.When his department wanted to make changes and comes with new format of reporting,he told a friend that he won't do it. But now, when he gets some knowledge and realised his folly, he is all the way to support our efforts to use proper project management knowledge! He also told me this is one course that he did not sleep;-)

I thought it was people ego's or arrogance that they belittle our efforts to do proper project management. Now, I also learned and realised that these people are just ignorant.

I think he is not the only one who has converted. I was so happy yesterday that I rewarded myself with a cafe latte at Gloria Jeans at KLCC-sitting alone surfing the Internet using wi-fi and smiling from ear to ear....It ma…
My new PTW(Palam Tungsten W) is working fine now.However I dare not sync with my iBook-fearing third parfty "fatal exception" errors again.
I am now testing flash mail to get my email via sms. Yes,it works but my email was truncated.

The question: Is it due to my system or Flash Mail??
Any comments?