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Showing posts from September 11, 2011

17092011-Our bikes parking lot

17092011-Our bikes parking lot, a photo by Adibi on Flickr.

Light and shadow:

PMR15092011 012, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. Testing my Lumix LX5 for morning photography..I think my DSLR Canon 400D can do better job.

BBB:BBM and Whatsapp

Lately,I communicate more with my friends who are connected to me via BBM and Whatsapp.Now,I can send as many messages as I want because I have BBM that cost RM10 a month and my unlimited data package with DiGi at RM68/month.

As a practioner of project management disipline,the top of my agenda is communication.BBB is one gadget that can facilitate communication not only for business but for family and friends to stay in touch.One wise word from the first CEO of Mimos that was still rings in my ear: If you are not connected,you don't exist!

Let us stay connected and maintain our silaturrahim-all the time.

First photo upload from BBB9900

I don't expect much from built in camera in my new Blackberry 9900.The locals call it Bold4.I am still learning the lingo of BB World..For better photos,I use Lumix LX5 which I do carry with me most of the time.

This is my 7th day as BB owner and this morning I snapped this photo on the right when I stopped over for solat subuh at a mosque inside Uniten campus located between Bangi and Putrajaya.

Later in the late afternoon,my friend and me paid a visit to s Nokia telephone shop at Alamanda to see any new models from Nokia.When I asked the salesperson what model of Nokia he is using,he showed me his Blackberry Curve!Quickly I took out my own BBB9900 and he showed me a few tricks.To add more salts to the injuries,the salesman told me he loves selling android mobile phones!