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Showing posts from March 23, 2003
My schoolmate has invited me to give a lecture at HUSM on Project Management. I am still thinking what is going to be the topic of my talk. My PM guru told me to talk about a patient as a project. Another doctor friend told me that at hospital, the clients do not decide what service they can get from the hospital. It is the other way around. The supplier of service decide what service the client get!
Last night, my psion kakis had a BTM at SFC,Ampang Point. For mobile surfing and emailing away from home/office,my netbook is quite handy and useful. However , as far PIM, my Handera is good enough.

Now, I am thinking that I have too many computers/gadgets at home:
2.PC Notebook
5.Palm 111,Handera,iPaq,Netbook

One Tan Sri invited me for lunch at SGC this afternoon. We discussed a few issues on project management. He said the PM knowledge is very important. Everyone should have it because everyone is involved with a project-whatever they do for a living .
My Handera still working......

Just now, I received a sms from albaker regarding new stock for psion.
When I asked my son whether he really wanted the psion, he said he is not sure??

I am sure I wanted a new notebook !
On checking my Handera, I am happy to note that it is working normally-not like before when I have to reset every other day! However, I connot saved that date via hotsync to my computer becaause mine is an iBook. It needs a usb cable which my handera doesnot have:-(
Anyway, I am saving all my data to SD card-just in case.
My netbook is okay after being "operated" by albaker;-)

At the same time, my Handera is alive again after MHI did something to it.

My partner complained about his tungsten T which he bought against my advice. He paid for about RM 1500 and he did not use at all. This is an example of 'zero knowledge' which he clearly illustrated and taught me( including himself).

Now, I am planning to get a new pc notebook. My heart is with compaq tablet pc , but my mind is with Vaio from Sony.

Comment are welcome before I repeat another 'zero knowledge' mistake;-)