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Showing posts from March 20, 2005

Join DiGi

Today, at about 3:30pm I went to KL Plaza to register with DiGi for a postpaid package. I never fancied using DiGi before if not for its unlimited data and EDGE service. Since more than 80% of my time is in KL,I guess the less national coverage is okay.Anyway, I still have my maxis.

The voice is activated after 3 hrs but the data/edge is only operational after 24 hrs.

Downloading gmails

While away from my home, I need to check emails from my mailinglist.I put a condition that download only the last 3 days email.The treo using versamail tried to download the whole email archive to my treo. The sysytem then stops it.

The result: no email for me:-((

5 days later

I sent a posting to my Mobile Reader on 16/3/05 and only saw it got published today. That is more than 5 day late. I don't think it is the Treo/software problem. It is the telco:-((

My lesson:

We can blog wirelessly while on the road, but you can't be sure to them published.