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Showing posts from April 25, 2004

Reinstall palm desktop

To-day, I successfully uninstall and reinstall my palm desktop softwares.All data files are intact,however my versamail went kaput.Now, I cannot use it anymore.Every time I click it ,it gives error message and I have to do soft reset:-(

Can someone tell me how do I get back my versamail?Is it a part of bundled softwares or I have to buy it?

Troubled mobile gadgets

Now, it is my T3 's turn to get into trouble.I t just hang and I have to do hard reset.After doing hard reset, I try copy back my data from my sd card. Half way through, an error message appeared and I just can't get back my old data:-((

I stilll remember my old palm 111C.At that time, I have very few applications,and it works fine for years.But my T3 is only 6 months old, but it gets me into difficulties many,many times.Is this due to too many apps like sms/email???

To rub salts to injured wounds, my T610 followed suit-it just hang! It took about half and hour to recover before I can use the phones.My patience runs very low....

To console my 'hati sakit or sakit hati", I traded in my T610 and bought a new Nokia 6600 for RM 1690.So far so good...and I love the interface.