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Our annual palmx gathering will be at Lata Citra like last year.It is on 29.12.2002 from 8am onwards...
I will bring a kettle of teh tarik as usual;-)
Dear Members of Palmx,

You are kindly reminded that the third rule in our mailinglist is : No
advertisement /spams. Please check out the

The above is to be adhered as a general rule/guide. However, I think
everyone will agree to allow for postings relating to palm news/offers to
sell or buy among members(not companies) but only on pda/gadgets items.

As a community, we can't be talking about palm only. Sometimes ,we want to
share other things with our friends. In that case, members are requested to
write OT (off topic) just before the title of their postings.

In general,please avoid posting advertisement on non-palm and related
gadgets. Your kind co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Mohd Adib Noh
Founder/Moderator of Palmx

Went to check out Clie NX70 with Shamshul at KLCC. I thought of buying but after getting the feel and seeing what it is in my hands, I prefer Tungsten.
Tungsten is still new, may be I 'll wait for the second version.
Three days ago I started a PM course for JKR project managers. This course is a full 12 -day package.So far so good. The participants were very active.
Again I am having problem with my Handera. It lost data again due to fatal error but I can immediately restore back the date from SD.
In using avantblog, I discovered that my iPaq is better than my Handera palm.But when it comes to normal avantgo channels, palmOS is faster.
To-day I managed to send and receive email using my Handera and iPaq. However, I still got no where in updating my blogger using email from my pdas.
I am really diasappointed to-day when my Handera went kaput due to low battery. I have no choice but to do a hard reset ,losing all the softwares and set up done by my friends Nazley and Fahroe.
Last night I have a mini BTM with Nazley and Fahroe. Thanks to both of them who helped with my problem to syschronise my palm and ipaq.My thanks to Nazley for Brando and new softwares.
I am looking for an app that would let me post from my palm(Handera) via my
hp to my blogger website at:

Currently I am using blogBuddy for remote posting my notebook. It works but
I can't install that software in my palm.
Thanks for your help.
A few bad experience lately:
1.All data went kaput: I used plastic cover. It depressed the exposed buttons.
2.Battery went to low.All data gone including all installed apps.
3. Multimail got errors. Deleted.Only use mail.
4.Back-light not to my eyes expection.
A few bad experience lately:
1.All data went kaput: I used plastic cover. It depressed the exposed buttons.
2.Battery went to low.All data gone including all installed apps.
3. Multimail got errors. Deleted.Only use mail.
4.Back-light not to my eyes expection.
Now, I am actively using my new Handera. So far so good.However, I miss the colour of my former palm111c. The good part of Handera is I don't have to charge it everyday.I hope the battery will last at least a month. But do not put on the cover and store it in the carrying case.The buttons will be pressed and out went all my data. It happened twice to me. Now, I am not using my plastic cover.

Lst night, we have a power black out in my area from 5 to 11 pm. I used my iPaq backlight to read my Handera;-)
My special BIG THANK to Nazley for two hours BTM .The Tok Bomoh 'jampi' my
palm3c and it started to wake up again.On top of that Nazley helped me to
begin my journey on Handera.Bukan nak kempen, it has great value for RM 599!

Terima kasih dari Abedib
Two days ago my pda went kaput. I tried to revive it yesterday but failed.
It is now in a coma at ICU,Taman Maluri,KL.May be it has reached its "design
life" for I have been using it since May 2000.Anyway, it had served me well
for the last 27 months.

Just now I called my Tok Bomoh Nazley. After due consultation and
deliberation, I have to abondon palm3c ( and let it rest in peace) and go
for Handera 330. Honestly,I prefer colour palm, but Clie is too good( I
don't want to pay for features that I don't use) and Palm m515 color is not
good enough as compared to my palm3c.I don't know when palm is coming out
with PalmOs 5.0 ,so in the mean time, I will go for HandEra ~ RM600.

Next week, I will be joining Nazley, Colin( who else?) as Handera users in
our palm group;-)

Two days ago my went kaput.I had to do a hard reset. I think the palm111c is getting too old. I need to buy a new palm;-)
Last week I attended a course for PMP exam Review.Then, I realise that PM World of knowledge is A BIG SUBJECT!!!
8/14/2002 10:28:41 PM
>Dear Palmxers,
>I will give away five books on at Annual gathering at Concorde Hotel on the 24/8/2002.
>For details,please check them out at:
>See you all there...


"Dr Azmi Mohd Tamil" wrote on 8/11/2002 6:18:00 AM:
>The results are averages of individual scores;
>Tan Yew Kit 142.333333333333
>Dr. Azmi Mohd Tamil 127
>Johannes E Tjoa 110
>Koay Cheng Leong 105.3333333333
>Nazley 105
>Fahroe Ibrahim 98.6666666666667
>Roslina Azarai 96.5
>Zed 93.5
>Yati 84
>Nong 77.6666666666667
>M. Hasni Ibrahim 76.33333333333
8/6/2002 8:13:08 PM
Dear friends/sdara,

I am planning to launch a book project. The risk of failure is quite high but I am willing to take the risk. This idea comes from a similar project launched by the people at :
It is about promoting the culture of reading. Considering our Malaysian habit, the chance of its success is low. The original idea was to get a few books and leave them at public places for people to take and read and 
THEN they pass on to their friends and so on. My modified model of the project is to get a few books and give out to a few friends to read. After the readers read the books, they will check into my website:  ( an online forum and bulletin board) and post their comments there. After that the readers will identify the next potential readers to read the book and repeat the same 
process again. The project can fail in many ways: the potential readers don't read the books or they don't pas…
Here is Kan's reply to my enquiry on lady's handphone:

Dear Abedib, as a matter of fact....

The LT-2000 mobile phone:
May I introduce to you, the latest phone for ladies. Yeeees, that's right, a
phone specially for ladies. Featuring 900 hours talk-time for all your
gossipping need, 2 lipstick holders and a foundation-powder at the back, the
LT-2000 is our latest model targeted at ladies who want nothing less than a
full featured, fully integrated make-up kit with tri-band phone. Offering
convenience such as calculator for calculating salesa nd discounts
on-the-fly, a magic-mirror(tm) that makes even the ugliest fairer and of
course, who could forget the calorie watcher electronic table fo watch over
what you eat? All this for a limited time only, at RM1000. Call now and get
a free Rm20 rebate!


#-----Original Message-----
#From: Mohd Adib Noh []
#Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 2:52 PM
#Subject: RE: [palmx] Palm …
Yesterday, I met four friends from JKR at MS Project 2002 launch. Two of them are using pdas, all iPaq. I just wonder how many Malaysians are using PPC and how many are using palm?? Persoanlly, I have both Palm3c and iPaq 3850 but I still prefer palm as a pda.
Hi everyone!(Palmxers)

After a meeting to-night with a few members, I have decided to 
appoint the following members as the Annual dinner Organising 
Committee Members:(I asked for volunteers but no one come forward. 
So ,I have to use my autocracy method of decision making).

1. Nazley-Chairman/Treasurer
2. Fahroe-Com Member
3. Roslina -Com Member.

Btw, all the above have given me their consent.
The committee will make further announcements.

---adib,sendiri lantik jadi penaung;-)

I have yet to appoint the organising committee for our Annnual Dinner. Last Thursday Roslina and me visited Senja restaurant and Shroom restaurant at KLCC. Both are good. I have not my choice yet, but I will let the committee to decide. BTW, I am going to meet Nazley and Fahroe tonight at Bora-Bora restaurant ..
Yesterday I visited Seri Senja restaurant to check the suitability of holding our Annual Dinner there. It looks okay and the price per pax ranges from 30 to 40 ringgit.There are two function rooms for 10 and 20 people. On one corner of the raised floor, it can accommodate 40 people. Btw, I have yet to appoint a committee to handle this event.
My review on using pda for Project Management:
PDA in Project Management(PM)

What is PM? It is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.(Ref: PMBOK 1.3)

PM covers nine key knowledge areas viz;

1.Project Integration Management
2.Project Scope Management
3.Project Time Management
4.Project Cost Management
5.Project Quality Management
6.Project Human Resources Management
7.Project Communication Management
8.Project Risk Management
9.Project Procurement Management

The main processes involved in PM are initiation,planning,execution monitoring ,control and closing.

As you see above ,PM covers many areas of management studies; and it is multi-disciplines in nature. The science part is acquiring the relevant knowledge and the art part is the application of those knowledge using experience and skills acquired.

From my experience,pda is not suitable in planning business project. We need a more powerful tool like MS Project o…
At exactly 5.27pm to-day I went out of my house to check the direction of my shadow against the hot late afternoon sun. According to my Planetarium app in my Palm111c, the sun was 292.3 degree clockwise from the North and at altitude of 26 degrees above the horizon. The shadow indicated the direction to Kaabah, Mecca where all muslims face during their prayers. This happens twice a year when the sun is directly above the Kaabah.
I was very happy to see 20 members of sitting down at Starbuck cafe at KL Sentral for their BTM on Saturday 13th Jul;y,2002. Happy to see people of the same interest in pda having a fun time discussing their usage of pda and helping one another. This is the beauty of human community when they get together and being friendly.

At the same time I announced the date of our annual dinner after getting the consensus from those present. The dinner will be held on 24th august,2002. I have yet to set the committee to plan the event. The dinner should include at least the folowing:

1. Makan(food/drinks) of course
2. Presentation by members on their usage of pda
3. Singing and poetry session.
4 Beaming as usual..
5. anything else..
This afternoon, my son Maher and me went to Starbuck Cafe at Mont Kiara to test Wi-Fi there. However we forgot to pre-download the driver. It took almost half an hour before we gave up downloading using via h/p. In fact, Satrbuck has a copy on a CD but it was taken away by a customer.

Btw, the people there were very friendly. All I have got to do is just hand-over my i/c and they give me Lucent silver wlan card.
You should try it...
I am very happy to note that palmx .org website is NOW ONLINE! I look forward for the soft launch at Starbucks Coffee on 13th July,2002 at KL Sentral.
Yesterday my gang of six-Dr Azmi,Hasni,Nazley, Fahroe,Maher and me met for two hours discussing the setting up of PALMX.ORG website. I hope to get it running by the 13th July,2002.
On Thursday evening, I join my fellow PMIMY Malaysian Chapter at the MPC,KLCC. We had a lively discussion on the roles of PMIMY and we also discussed the proposed setting up of Malaysian Project Management Association. I was appointed as their advisor.
I look forward to replace my old palm3c with a Clie' but I have yet to decide which one of the model. At the moment, I can't make up my mind yet.
Btw, here is a good blog site on palm:
I am still using both palm3c and iPaq. However, I am looking for opportunities to buy good Clie' palm as well because my palm3c is getting 'slower' due to old age.
My partner and me gave a talk on PM to PUAS senior management head by Deputy CEO Ir Hj Che Mohamad. Everyone seemed to agree the need for PUAS staff to be trained in PM. The talk entitled: Rediscovering project management...
On the 4th of June,2002 I will give a talk on Project Management for PUAS( formerly JBA Selagor) key staff. This is PM awareness talk to encourage project managers to use world class knowledge and methodology. My main reference will be PMBOK.
Now, I am looking at more on using my available softwares to organise my life and work than just enjoying the fun of palm computing technology-be it palm or iPaq.
Yesterday I met the director of management of JKR and managed to convince him to hold a talk on project management at JKR. It will be held at Work Ministry complex on the 8th of June,2002. The guest speaker will be Dr SM Yeoh.
Last Saturday 6.4.2002 I bought iPaq 3850. I am going to use it mainly as an extension of my pc.
Somehow, I feel my Palm111c is better as an organsizer but ipaq has its advantages when come to storing programs,data,multimedia files.
After I bought it, I went straight to our BTM at Swenzen at Sg Wang Plaza.
This morning I received a phonecall from a JKR state director. He told me that he had to sack a project manager of a contruction company due to his incompetency to do a PM job. At the same time, he also mentioned that his boss in KL wanted his big projects to be properly planned, monitored and controlled. I advised him to get the contractor to do it and JKR concentrates only on controlling the project.

Later this afternoon, my XPROJECT MANAGEMENT team briefed a contractor on how we could assist them in project management.
Cerita Kedaikopi : # 86-31.03.2002

The only way we're going to lose our relevance is if we stop learning..

"I have been reading your 'Cerita Kedaikopi' stories but I still have

not finished reading the previous ones",said

my friend who happens to be one of my avid readers."Well, I took four

years to write 85 stories but please donot

try to read them within a month. Take your time and read them at your

own pace-otherwise you will have indigestion.

By the way, don't forget to read my other weblogs and travel journals as

well", I replied. Then he asked," How come

I do not receive anything this month?

'Honestly, it is easier to read than to write. What more if one is busy

with one's own business and some urgent

family matters to attend to. My wife's uncle, a well known writer once

told me: You can't do both; either you

write or you do business. He is right and spoke from his experience. He

started writing and became a publisher

and owned a pri…

Honestly, the book above is also good for me even though I have been doing projects for the past 25 years!

The book explains the concept/methodologies in laymen language with a lot of pratical tips and examples. If you are in project management, it is worth every cents.
On Friday this week, I was given the opportunity to brief most project managers in IWK about what my PM group can complement their efforts to upgrade their competence as well their contractors in managing their projects.
Last week I met Tuan Haji Ir Rashid Omar of JKR and this week I met Tuan Haji Ir Halim Jalil of JPS on the needs of their staff and their contractors to be knowledgable in project management and at the same time using the latest IT to enhance their communication,interaction and collaboration.