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Showing posts from July 22, 2001

A conference will be held in London on 18th and 19th September,2001.

Contact: Tahir Raja Tel:+44(0)20 7647 2250 or email to:

Conference Fees: GBP 1934.17


To-day I read an article in Project(Magazine of the APM). It tells the story of a London -based company using a webcam to monitor the progress of GBP 36m retail development in St. Andrew's Square. That reminds me of my friend complaining to me that he had to travel 8 hrs from Kuantan to check the progress of work at a site in Cameron Highlands. I suggested to him to use a webcamera and a digital camera so that someone there can upload the picture file for him to view from his office in Kuantan. Sad to say, he keeps on complaining ...Old habits die hard. We have the technology, but not many are using it:-(

Last week, Iread in the papers about a car that smashed itself against a coconut tree in Tumpat ,Kelantan. This is similar to what I observed some twenty years ago when I was working in JKR Pasir Mas ,Kelantan.It is called a project car by the locals. When I asked why, they told me that these cars are used to smuggle rice from Thai border to Pasir Mas! The smugglers are really dare-devils "project managers"! To them, smuggling is a project in its own right. Just imagine the efforts taken to plan,execute,monitor and control the smuggling activities. May be we all can learn something from them;-)