Wednesday, October 06, 2010

From my notebook:July 2006-Walking in the rain..

Excerpt from my notebook:

Yesterday,I was caught in the demonstration and the heavy rain while on the way to see my friend who lives in UK but on a holiday here.The family stays at Mandarin Hotel next to KLCC.My wife told me not to go KLCC because she heard that a demostration will take place after solat Jumaat. I told her not to worry;I knew my way around. I planned to go via Jalan Kia Peng and my son will drop me at the entrance of KL Convention Centre.

When I arrived near KL Convention Centre, I saw thousands of demonstrators were crossing the roads.Then my son dropped me near the entrance but I was told by the police men that I could not use the entry for security reasons-the foreign ministers were having their meeting.Then it suddenly rained cats and dogs. I had to take refuge for 45 minutes under the 'pondok jaga'. During the period, I saw demonstrators expressing their anger at Israel and USA.

When the rain subsided, I took the RapidKL bus to KLCC via Jalan Tun Razak. But the bus did not go to KLCC but it was going to Maluri.I was lucky the bus route took me to a bus stop in front of PNB along Jalan Tun Razak. There, I saw a few thousands people demonstrating in front of US embassy. From there I had to walk in the rain to Ampang Point Putra station and took the train to KLCC. I was one and the half hours late but I managed to see my friend and we had kerepuk lekur at Aseana Cafe.

This is the longest journey to KLCC from my house and my modes of transport included car,bus,walking in the rain and the train.I returned home with a taxi and missed a meeting with my fellow GC of PMIMY.

On arrival at home,my wife asked how was my day.I told her that I had a very interesting day.It was fun walking in the rain....

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

PalmX Re-Activated

This blog has been left idling for more than 3 years since I l said sayonara to my palmOS device.Now, since early 2009,I have been using Nokia E71 as my PDA and mobile communication device+as GPSr.

To leave this blog to rot is a great waste of what I have been writing about My Treo and other PalmOS PDA and mobile phones.So,today I decided to write here more about my mobile gadgets experience and writing journals in my notebooks.