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Night photo using Nokia N8

First BTM in 2010

PalmX trees?

Malaysian landscape uses a lot of palm trees especially if the original land was a oil palm estates.Personally,I prefer palm trees to coconut trees.Below is a location at Taman Tasik Cempaka where I jog 3 times a week..

My submission to Moleskineasia on 2/11/2010

(Moleskine Asia)Moleskine notebook makes me write and it keeps me writing.It is always together with my wallet and mobile phone.The trio follows me wherever I go.My wallet contains my cash/cards but my moleskine notebook is where I download my thoughts and feelings...

Munir's sunset shot at BBB

BIG iPhone

I pass through this 'portal' every time I walk at TT Cempaka.

New kid on the blog:Nokia N8

Notes on books

My first photo from Nokia N8

Nokia N8

At last I managed to get enough money to pay for this new toy Nokia N8.It is a real upgrade from my Nokia E71 especially the camera-12MPixels!!!
By the way my old one has gone to my youngest son Munir.He needs the phone with a basic camera for his retail business.All the best to you,Munir.
For the moment,I can't say much about Nokia N8.It is now being charged for 8 hours.For sure,I will snap more photos and blog about them.

Nokia E71:Mobile Photography

Blogging in my moleskine

Notations Hari Malaysia

Using Endomondo to track my walking

This apps resides in my Nokia E71 mobile phone.I just switch it ON whenever I start to walk an it gets its location via my GPSr in my phone.When I stop it,it will upload the tracking to the website.

From my notebook:July 2006-Walking in the rain..

Excerpt from my notebook:Yesterday,I was caught in the demonstration and the heavy rain while on the way to see my friend who lives in UK but on a holiday here.The family stays at Mandarin Hotel next to KLCC.My wife told me not to go KLCC because she heard that a demostration will take place after solat Jumaat. I told her not to worry;I knew my way around. I planned to go via Jalan Kia Peng and my son will drop me at the entrance of KL Convention Centre.When I arrived near KL Convention Centre, I saw thousands of demonstrators were crossing the roads.Then my son dropped me near the entrance but I was told by the police men that I could not use the entry for security reasons-the foreign ministers were having their meeting.Then it suddenly rained cats and dogs. I had to take refuge for 45 minutes under the 'pondok jaga'. During the period, I saw demonstrators expressing their anger at Israel and USA.When the rain subsided, I took the RapidKL bus to KLCC via Jalan Tun Razak. But …

PalmX Re-Activated

This blog has been left idling for more than 3 years since I l said sayonara to my palmOS device.Now, since early 2009,I have been using Nokia E71 as my PDA and mobile communication device+as GPSr.
To leave this blog to rot is a great waste of what I have been writing about My Treo and other PalmOS PDA and mobile phones.So,today I decided to write here more about my mobile gadgets experience and writing journals in my notebooks.