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I was glad to meet one of my course participant in PM who told me that now he is better equiped to deal with the contarctors. And last night ,he was telling me that he has problem with KTM and he treated it as a work package .He also mentioned about stakeholders management.

Wow, I am happy for him.
After my isyak prayers, a group of us went for TT.(teh tarik). When I raised the issue to my friend( ex-Col) about the the project fiasco that was splashed on the front page of a local paper to-day, he said simply: We donnot have the right culture! No matter what system and procedure you use,the people must have the good values .

I rest my case. I concur,Sire.
I just ordered my T-short with Palmx logo + my glamour name MacAddict;-)

Any one laughing?

Siapa ketawa dia akan kena jual oleh P Ramlee;-0
Commets from KFJ on 16/3/2003

I personally agree with you AbeDib!

My experience with TH when I performed Hajj last season made me rate them overall as "satisfactory"...lots can be improved.

Mua'sassah is, well how should I put it....perhaps "second class" citizen when it comes to Hajj, we were placed in buildings further away from the Baitullah al Haram, the jumrahs and Masjid Nabawi.

The food was "eatable" but after 3-4 weeks, we opted to purchase our own food, and pity those who have just enough to spend for the season...but of course the main reason we were there was to perform Hajj....not eat!

What I am really upset is when they use our Hajj as the reason to kind of "protect" their position - "sabar, kena banyak sabar, cubaan etc.." I mean if the same complaints are being placed every season by the pilgrims, something must be wrong somewhere.

But then again, AbeDib, based on my personal observation, not stereo-typing the "tour p…
Front page in Sunday Times: Deviations in Army projects. Amount RM 114millions!

How could this happened in a structured,rigid command and control administration like the Army?

May be I should offer my project management course to Mindef?