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Showing posts from November 30, 2003

At last, I Have Got Mail

After a few tries and checking with the guide-lines at Thanks agaian to Dr Azmi and Nazley),I managed to download email from my T3 via BT T610! Luckily, I don't have to do any hard reset like Dr Jamal.

Now, I am looking forward to get a compact wireless keyboard for my T3.

Bluejacking by AlBaker

Thank you Al-Baker for telling me that what I did by going into "connectivity" is for pairing of pda and not the way to bluejack.
Thank you for showing me how to bluejacking. By next BTM, I should know how to bluejack my fellow palmx users.

Bluejack Test

To-day, after learning howto bluejack from albaker,I set my hp T610 to scan for other BT phones around me at Asian Flavours,KLCC. To my lovely suprise, I saw two phones-Pitts and Alberto. When I wanted to send them "Have a Nice Day " message, my phone prompt me to input passkey. Then I dared not press the send buttons.

I need to learn more from alBaker or Bubba.

SMS connections

Last night,Nazley helped to set up my connection for my T3. Thanks Nazley.But when it comes to my email(using versamail), I am having DNS problems. I
After that , I try a celcom chip belonging to my wife hp using my T|W, and great it works for my sms!

Back to Broadband in KL

Now, I am back in KL since Saturday afternoon.
During travelling, my Palm Quran is very handy.I don't have to carry my small Quran anymore.

There are many more features of my T3 that I have yet to explore...

Taking the cue from DR Azmi, I am now s-low-ly reading my T610 manual;-)