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Showing posts from October 21, 2001
A few days ago I lost all data and additional softwares in my palm3c. This was due to low battery:-(((
Then, my palm needs to be reset. After a soft reset, flash memory dialogue box popped up and asked me to reformat. I did as instructed and lost my data and additonal sofwares!!!

Now, I am not installing any flash memory. Lesson learnt.
On 9th Nov., 2001, I will giving a short discourse on Project Management at Ridzuan's office for free. My objective is to spread the knowledge and get everyone involved in any project to learn more about the PMBOK and the discipline of Project Management.

Two days ago, I have attended a short course on MS Project 2000.

Note: I am pleased and honoured to be appointed as project management consultant to MERCY on pro bono basis.