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Showing posts from February 15, 2004
The Qur'an inside my ipod is actually recited by al-Ghamidi and not al-sudais. This morning I went looking for CD by Sudais at Tabung Haji complex but I could not found any.

By the Grace of Allah,my friend who just came back to-day from Haj told me that he bought a complete CD by al-sudais for me.God works in mysterious way.My request was fulfilled :-)
Alhamdulilah, now I got the whole Qur'an in my iPod! Thanks to my son Maher for preparing the playlist and installing them .

Jazakallahu Khairan Maher.

If you are ipod user and you need the whole Qur'an in mp3 format,please contact me:
Thanks MHI for giving me the Qur'an mp3.InsyaAllah, I will get to listen soon.

This morning,as I did my brisk walking at KLCC garden,I saw a young man about half my age overtook me.He held an iPod in his left hand.I tried to overtake him but he walked faster than me...

Next week, there may be more joggers walking their iPods at KLCC.