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Showing posts from March 27, 2005

Phone in Treo

Yesterday,I suffered a phone malfunction.When I pressed the green phone button, nothing happened.It just failed to work. I was fuming mad. Today, I have to do a hard reset to get it back.
I think the firmware is the culprit.I have to upgrade as soon as I am free.

Email in Treo

One of my reasons that I bought Treo is to have email built-in my pda.I am frusted that the email software included in the package only can download the email but not sending the email.Is this palmone problem or my telco problem?

Why do I need to ride on gmail smtp? Why not palmone facilitate the ease of using email?Now, I can only use versamail to download one of my gmail a/c but failed to use the other. On snapper mail, I can only use my dot mac a/c not my gmail.

To me personally, Palmone should do more considering what I have to pay to get Treo650.