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N8 at NokiaCare!

Yes,it is at NokiaCare because some apps are having problems.When I bought it last Dec,2010 It was almost God sent to replace my old Treo650.Nokia has to learn a lot from people at Palm Inc when it comes to simplicity of use,battery power management and a few other things...At times like this I still prefer my old Treo650!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011Yes,I doMost people got into troubles because they said,'Yes,I do'.Usually my embedded default answer is No,but today I said YES-may be the date 11.1.11 made me disoriented! At my age I could not afford to say I do most of the time-otherwise I will get into troubles.After listening to Sam's experience using YES 4G,I was convinced to give it a try.There were a lot of changes I saw when my son and me walked the Jalan Bukit Bintang from Pavilion to Lot 10.On arrival,I saw big screen promoting Yes Life!My first impression,I think YTL got it right.Today is my first day,so I have no detailed comments yet. By the way,may have feedback from those using YES4G.