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Showing posts from February 27, 2005


I download verichat last night and the softwares works flawlessly with my Treo650.The only complain is the AMOUNT of cost of having it.For the moment I am using for free-15 days trial period.

Treo Update #2

Two weeks had paased by since I bought my Treo650.

Let me tell the bad news first,so that we can enjoy the best part later.

1.It resets itself one or twice a day when I did something.
2.Second press on green phone button goes to my "Today" and not to pop up "call log".

And now the best part:-

1.The photos are great,but couldnot be compared with real camera.
2.It looks beautiful especially in the dark.
3.Navigation is very good.
4.I can read my emails from my mailinglists using my gmail a/c.But to send emails, I have to use snapper mail.Versamail does not work with my Treo.To-date,I still got problems to access my pop mail like mac and streamyx.
5.So far, all third party softwares that I have installed do not cause crash yet.I hope not.
6.I can listen to the Quran via realplayer.

That is for now.I have yet to explore video clips or movie or ebooks.