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Showing posts from March 25, 2012

Calling all stations..

This photo of me posing with a mobile radio transreceiver was taken on 25/12/2005 during our annual gathering.More than six years later I decided to join the commnunity when I enjoyed using it for my cycling activities.Beginning yesterday 29/03/2012 I am known as 9W2PAD in the World of Hams.

Next,I must get to know how to communicate with fellow Hams around Bangi,Kajang and Putrajaya.

Hello,calling all stations,9W2PAD speaking.

Screen saver for my iPad2

Saji, a photo by Adibi on Flickr. Now,I am benginning to enjoy the features in iPad.Every gadget has its own strengths and weaknesses~silimarly with iPad,Samsung Note,Blackberry etc..

None fits all sizes and all purposes and personal preference.The best combo is what works for you and me.In my case, I still carry my old fashion notebook and fountain pen..