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Showing posts from August 12, 2001
Continous Professional Development

Yesterday I have the opportunity to meet up with my friend,the Director of JBAS. He is as concerned as I am regarding the quality of project management and the needs of young managers to be properly educated and guided in managing projects.When I told him that I organised project management talks for free, I ended getting a job to hold a free talk to his staff.

Now, I must be more careful before I open up my big mouth.
RM 29 billions Project

I thought I have seen the biggest project in Malaysia i.e The RM 9 billions KLIA project! ,However there is a bigger one which became the main topic of The Edge weekly today. It is the NPL ( non-performing loans)-a sum that is mind boggling and I wish ALL THE LUCK in the world to my friend Dato' Azman Yahya,the new kid on the block ( Malaysian corporate scence). In my personal experience, I found it easier to manage a road project compared to a corporate turn around.
Two days ago I met my long time friend who is the executive director of his construction company. When I asked what is main problem in managing his project,he smiled and told me that his biggest problem now is to secure projects for his company. During this economic slowdown, it is tough to get a project. Getting a contract is THE PROJECT by itself.

I share his concern for he has 200 staff and a few millions ringgit worth of hardwares literally idling....