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My first iPad

I was waiting to buy iPad3 but Apple.Inc has its own version called The New iPad.That made me decided to get iPad2 with 64GB at a discount of about RM300.So I ordered online on Tuesday and got it delivered to my doorstep at 1pm on 16th March,2012.I charged it overnight and got a sim card from DiGi for my 3G connection to Internet.It costs me RM1/day unlimited.

After a few days,I think I need a friend to put me on fast learning curve to learn how to use it for personal and business applications.I called Hasni,my schoolmate and he came to my rescue.It happened like the days of thePalmOS and now the iOS5.1.Most of my Palmx buddies have been using iPad for more than a year.I wanted to buy iPad2 when it was launched but I spent my hobby money on my Brompton bike.So I have to defer my acquisition of iPad to last Friday.As they say,it is better late than never.From my exprience with Palm Pilot and Treos,it is better to wait for later models.As of today,the New iPad is still not available yet in Malaysia.

After having iPad2 for 3 days,I think I like it very much.Today is my first posting on how I use and misuse my iPad.More will come as I walk through it everyday...


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